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IBS Engineered Products Limited

Flow Control Equipment and Flood Protection Systems

IBS Engineered Products Ltd specialise in the design, supply and installation of flow control and flood protection equipment.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of IBS Technics GmbH, whose headquarters are in Thierhaupten, Germany (approximately 1 hour north west of Munich).

IBS GmbH was established in 1994 and have had a presence in the UK since the early 2000’s. We have a long and unrivalled history of providing large scale flood protection systems, including the installation of over 1000 linear metres of glass wall systems in Europe and over 100,000 square metres of demountable and temporary flood barriers worldwide.

This includes major flood protection projects at Bewdley and Shrewsbury to protect against the River Severn, which were the first large scale demountable flood defence systems of their type in the UK and are still successfully at work today due to the high quality of finished product we supplied.

Our core business is split in to two major product areas, that of Flow Control and Flood Defence.

  • Our Flow Control products primarily include the supply and installation of penstocks and stoplogs, which are predominantly used in the water, wastewater, flood control and waterways industries.
  • The main products in our Flood Defence product portfolio are demountable flood defences, flood gates and our innovative glass wall flood protection system.

Please feel free to visit the individual pages for further product information or our Projects page for project specific case studies.

To discuss your paticular requirements please contact us either by phone or e-mail. - We will be happy to help.

Demountable Flood Barrier

A 180 meters long demountable flood protection barrier protects the City of Bewdley against the River Severn.

Demountable Barriers


Three 4500 mm x 1200 mm Stainless Steel modulating Penstocks regulate lake outflow at Dortmund, Phoenixsee, Germany.


Ware Lock Aluminium Stop Logs

A specific application for our aluminium stop logs at a project on the River Lee.

Stop Logs

Glass Walls

IBS Glass Wall Systems protects properties along the River Thames.

Glass Walls

We are very gladly available to you for possible questions!

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Registered Office:
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Registered in England and Wales
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