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Automatic / Passive Flood Barriers

Working with our trusted partner Stopflood, we can offer a range of automatic flood barriers for a range of applications.

From vertically rising barriers to ‘flip-up’ type gates, this range of barriers is perfect for installation across car park entrances, office buildings, commercial and industrial premises, historic centres, along riversides and many more locations.

So, if you’re looking for passive flood barriers that require zero manual intervention then you’ve come to the right place. Please feel free to get in touch with us about your project requirements.

Vertical Barrier

The Vertical flood barrier has been designed to work automatically using just the power of rising floodwater.

The barrier is installed below the ground level and rises vertically up to the protection height level; in flood conditions, the tank will fill with water and the barrier will automatically move from horizontal to a vertical position,
thus providing complete flood protection (the Vertical barrier works automatically and requires no electricity).

The barrier can be fitted with smart sensors to detect barrier movement and activate visual warning signals for the safety device.

The Vertical barrier comes complete with relevant CE marking.

Vertical Barrier 3
Vertical Barrier 3
Vertical Barrier 2
Vertical Barrier 1

Slim Barrier

The Slim flood barrier sits in a self-contained sealed tank below ground level, primed ready for action when flood water rises.

When flood water overwhelms the local drainage system, a sensor triggers the Slim barrier to automatically rise (using hydraulic rams) out of it’s underground housing up to the level of the flood water.

After the flood has subsided, the barrier will return to it’s position within the underground tank.

Includes visual warning kit to alert pedestrians to rising barrier

Lateral Barrier

The Lateral flood barrier has been designed to automatically protect people and their assets utilising only hydraulic power.

The barrier, which rotates from a horizontal to a vertical position in flood conditions, is installed at ground level in a shallow excavation.

In normal weather conditions, rain water is diverted away from the barrier via a drainage grid in front of the barrier. This grid channels the rainfall into a catchment tank which then runs into the local surface water drainage system.

In flood conditions and as the drains back up, the barrier tank fills up and the hydraulic pressure of the water floats the barrier up into a vertical position. Made of aluminium, once the barrier is fully deployed it offers complete protection.

The Lateral barrier is robust and capable of withstanding heavy loads passing over it. It is manufactured from reinforced aluminium and can be finished in different colours so as to blend in with the local street scene.

The Lateral flood barrier is automatically activated and requires no electricity. It can also be fitted with smart sensors to detect movement and send emergency SMS alerts to a central control.

Dynamic Barrier

The Dynamic flood defence system is activated when rising flood water becomes trapped in the grill in front of the barrier, which is connected to the tank where the barrier is situated. When (at least) one of two sensors comes into contact with
the rising water, the barrier cycle is activated and an audio visual warning system is initiated to alert nearby pedestrians and vehicles to the fact that the barrier is in the process of being raised.

The barrier is anchored to the ground by steel chains which have been tested to withhold a sudden impact load.

The hydraulic control unit uses a 12v supply, which is supplied by a battery that is connected to the local electrical supply. The battery has sufficient storage to operate even in the event of local power failure, which means that the hydraulic
control system will continue to work and provide flood protection.

The lowering of the barrier is managed via the hydraulic control unit and is done by an operator, who checks that the barrier repositions itself correctly without any remaining obstructions from the flood.

The Dynamic system can also be raised manually in preparedness for a flood event.

The barrier is made of reinforced aluminium, which is extremely corrosion resistant and is designed to withstand a continual flow of heavy traffic. This barrier is available in sizes up to 12m wide and 3m high.

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