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Demountable Flood Protection Systems

The IBS demountable flood protection system enables the erection of a temporary flood defence wall to protect against flooding whilst leaving the landscape largely unchanged during normal circumstances.

It is used in many applications including community flood protection, road and railway closures, industrial and commercial premises and also coastal flood protection schemes.

The IBS system preserves the appeal of the surrounding area and maintains the aesthetics of those properties close to a river or the coast. To achieve this, the construction and operability of the IBS mobile flood protection system meets the highest demands.

Advantages of the IBS Demountable Flood Defence System

Lightweight aluminium posts and beams for ease of transport and installation
Quick and simple installation with minimal tools
Long product lifespan due to high quality materials
Free standing aluminium posts up to 3m flood height
Complete logistics planning can be provided for each system
Partial installation of beams for lower flood levels

"The principle of the IBS demountable flood protection wall"

In principle, the IBS demountable flood defence barrier consists of two mobile components; the centre support posts (which are situated at regular distances and bolted on to permanently pre-installed anchor plates) and the aluminium dam beams (which are stacked between the centre support posts).

System not in place
Complete Flood Protection Wall
System deployed


As well as being the ideal solution for straight flood defence lines, the IBS system is extremely flexible and can be installed on curved defence lines, for example a radius of 20m or more (with a distance between posts of 2m) or of 30m or more (with a distance between posts of 3m) can be accommodated using standard support posts. For smaller radii special corner posts can be provided to achieve tighter bends. In addition to its flexibility along the length of the line, the IBS flood defence system also handles changes in ground level with ease, accommodating slopes in the ground of up to 5% whilst the special ground seal has the ability to overcome local surface unevenness of up to 15mm. For instances where there are steps or height variations, these are easily overcome with height transition pieces, ensuring continuation of the flood defence line.

Complete Flood Protection Wall
Around curves

Erection and Dismantling Times

The time period required for the erection of the IBS flood protection barrier consists of:

System loading – Time taken to load transport vehicles
Transport time – Driving time from the storage location to the deployment location
Assembly time – Installation of the flood barrier with minimal tools; positioning and bolting down the support posts and inserting the dam beams

The installation of a 100m long, straight flood protection wall with a distance between supports of 3m and a protection height of 1.2 m requires approximately 1 to 2 hours for 4 to 8 instructed workers. Dismantling of the system will take approximately twice the time of installation including removal to the storage location and cleaning.

Erection and Dismantling
Erection and Dismantling

System Variations

The following product types are available:
IBS BSH-I 50 with 50mm wide and 166mm / 262mm / 300mm high dam beams for applications up to 1.5m height
IBS BSH-I 100 Light with 100mm wide and 150mm / 200mm / 250mm high dam beams for applications up to 3m height
IBS BSH-I 100 with 100mm wide and 150mm / 200 / 250mm high dam beams for applications up to 5m height

These product types provide technical variation options that allow custom solutions for virtually all project situations.


We provide an advanced storage system for our demountable flood protection barrier. This technology allows the contact-free storage of dam beams and support posts. The flood protection system is stored in stackable galvanised mild steel pallets, which have lifting points, tension belts for safe transportation and built-in positions for forklift truck/telehandler forks. Due to the contact-free storage of the individual parts on the steel pallets, beams and posts can be quickly and easily rinsed off with a water hose after use.

Storage Example
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