Stop Logs

IBS stop logs are ideal for use when a conventional penstock is excessive in design and cost. They can be used temporarily for diverting flows whilst carrying out maintenance or for creating a weir wall.

Stoplogs, like penstocks, are used in a wide variety of installations including water and wastewater treatment plants, power stations, flood control and waterways.

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In principle and because of the extremely flexible ground seal that we use, the IBS stoplog system usually consists of only 2 main components; the frame sides and the logs. This means that an invert frame section is not required (unless the frame is mounted in front of an opening that dictates the need for one) and presents a cost effective solution both in terms of capital cost and also civil construction.

IBS can supply extruded aluminium or stainless steel (304 or 316) stoplogs in different height profiles according to the width and depth required for the application.

Frames are available in stainless steel BS EN 10088 grades 1.4301 (304) or 1.4401 (316) depending on the application and required specification. Mounting variations include standard channel rebate, channel sidewall, wall (on and off-seating variations), and special angled solutions. For extremely wide apertures it is possible to install removable or permanent centre posts.

Pressing tools are provided with each system to ensure that the ground and intermediate log seals can be compressed, thereby effecting a greater level of seal than that of a normal stoplog system.

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Depending on the size of the opening, stoplog removal is achieved by means of manual lifting poles or semi-automatic lifting beams.

Reasons to use IBS stoplogs –

  • Lightweight aluminium construction option
  • Stainless steel stoplogs suitable for drinking water applications
  • Single spans in excess of 6m achievable
  • Bespoke solutions for non-standard applications
  • No invert frame required due to design of ground seal
  • Side seals can be installed on logs for existing rebate structures

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