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Glass Flood Defence System

The IBS glass wall flood defence system (or flood glazing) is used where permanent flood protection is required but where the visual impact of a traditional flood defence wall is not suitable for the surrounding area.

Our glazed flood defence system has been used extensively throughout Europe with individual panel lengths in excess of 3m and heights in excess of 2m.

The IBS glass wall is extremely robust and uses the same aluminium post profiles and EPDM seals as the tried and trusted IBS demountable flood defence system. All parts are interchangeable, easily replaceable and maintenance free (apart from the occasional clean if the panels experience a build up of dirt). Using common components and sizes has the added benefit of being able to replace glass panels at short notice with removable aluminium beams. This can also be an advantage if access is required through a glass flood defence.

Glass System

In order to achieve the required project specific static and impact loads, our flood glass typically consists of two or more central structural glass panes (according to size and loads), bonded together with intermediate layers made of highly tear-resistant, transparent polyvinyl-butyral foils (PVB). Protection of these structural panes can be achieved by the use of ‘sacrificial’ panes of glass, which are located on either side of the structural glass and also bonded with PVB. These ‘sacrificial’ panes however, cannot be included when calculating the strength of the glass system as their purpose is to protect the structural panes from impacts and/or vandalism, thus ensuring that the integrity of the flood glass is maintained.

System Construction


The flood glazing panes are surrounded on four sides by extruded sections of aluminium with a profiled EPDM seal (similar to that seen in double glazing units). The finished aluminium framed glass panel sits in an aluminium post at each end and is allowed to float between the two to allow for construction tolerances, expansion and contraction. For long spans of flood glass, posts are (ideally) equally spaced along the length of the flood defence wall to maintain a consistent glass panel length and improve the aesthetics of the system. Centre posts for the glass flood defence system are anchored internally, which ensures that IBS flood glass is as streamlined as possible and provides the client with a ‘cleaner’ finish than that of a steel system with external bolts and stiffeners. 

For higher static and impact loads, additional central supports can be added to the system which then disperse load to the foundation wall (see image below).

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