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Early Engagement And Teamwork = Project Success!

Early Engagement and Teamwork = Project Success!

28th January 2019

By Ray Moulds

I cannot labour the point enough, that early engagement and teamwork are key components in the success of any flood protection project. With sufficient time, planning, early supplier engagement and team-working, we can not only help to ensure the success of flood risk management scheme delivery on the ground, but we can also help ensure cost savings are maximised and programmes are accelerated.

Flood protection is more often than not a multi-channel approach, requiring the collective input of many organisations, including local authorities and the Environment Agency. However, the suppliers and manufacturers of the hard-engineered elements of the flood protection solution are often amongst the last to be called in. This can not only delay implementation, but also bring with it project issues from front-end decisions having to be re-thought or re-evaluated as a result of either the limitation or cost of the engineered elements, or future revisions to any proposed solution.

Engaging with us early and bringing us in to the project team can help to avoid such issues, allowing all components of any solution to be factored in and integrated into the overall project. Real world experience and knowledge of what can be achieved through hard engineering can also be useful to a project, being placed on the table alongside other elements, e.g. landscaping, for the delivery of a truly integrated solution.

IBS Engineered Products has built a solid reputation for delivering flood protection solutions that are not only cost effective, but that work in sympathy with other aspects of the overall flood risk management project. Those that have engaged with us at the planning and initial design stages reap multiple benefits, not least, the faster implementation of flood protection, which brings the much needed immediate reduction in risk and associated benefits.

For more information or to talk about your next flood protection project, call us today, alternatively contact us online.

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