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Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining…

Every cloud has a silver lining…

Google ‘Brexit and business’ and you will find hundreds of pages and even more opinions and possibilities. Will it be good for the UK or bad? Will life be easier? Will products be harder to find? Will UK companies thrive or struggle?

The problem now – as it has been since we heard ‘Brexit’ for the first time – is that there is no simple, right or wrong answer. People can still see advantages and disadvantages on both sides and intelligent business gurus insisting on ‘Remain’ or ‘Brexit’ can’t all be wrong – can they? But then, how can they both be right…?!

At this stage, the fact that we still don’t know what will happen does muddy the waters and make it hard to see what might – or might not – happen. So let’s ignore the bigger picture for once (and it kind of goes against the grain to say that!) and concentrate on what it means right now, for us and our customers.

If you’re UK based and need a specific product, like maybe flood barriers (just as an example!), does the current uncertainty make it more difficult for you to source what you need, or not? Well, this particular cloud does have a silver lining because ironically, in this case, the problem everyone is facing can actually make our clients’ lives easier. IBS is part of a German company, with a Head Office in Bavaria – and currently it’s business as usual so no need to worry. Even better than this though, we’ve been planning ahead ‘just in case’ and building our stocks here to try to avoid any worst-case Brexit scenarios. What this actually means is that we have product to hand in our warehouse for quick delivery direct to our customers!

So as I said, the uncertainty can make life tricky in some ways, but if you’re in the market for flood protection barriers, stoplogs or penstocks, we will aim to deliver a silver lining for those gloomy clouds on the horizon! Simply contact us today.

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