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There’s An IBS In Teamwork!

There’s an IBS in Teamwork!

It’s striking just how many people approach flood protection or flow control as a ‘fix’, or worse as a product-based entity that you simply ‘plug-in’ to a problem. The thing is, flood protection systems, and the various options available, are anything but an off-the-shelf solution!  To establish an effective solution that diminishes or mitigates flood risk takes research and planning, as well as the involvement of other stakeholders – such as planners, Councils, the Environment Agency and more often than not nowadays, the local community.

The real key to the successful implementation of any flood protection solution is TEAMWORK; working closely from the outset with all stakeholders, as this is the only way to ensure that any flood protection solution is effective. And I’m not just talking about involvement during the planning phases – the collaborative teamwork approach must continue right through the design phase and on to the actual installation works.

Flood Protection Projects

All flood protection / mitigation projects are, excuse the pun, typically fluid, which means they are never quite as straightforward as they may look on paper. External factors, on-site engineering challenges and the consideration of the public can all impact on a project, as flood prevention works typically involve the working around and together with other parties. It is therefore essential that you work as a team.

IBS Engineered Products takes a teamwork approach from the off, which is why our flood prevention and mitigation solutions are so in-demand and the company has established such a good reputation for the collaborative approach it takes.

Success in flood protection is all about the team – so next time you need some help or advice, don’t buy off the shelf, engage with a reputable flood protection partner, which is bound to ensure success!

To learn about the flood protection and flow control products and services available at IBS Engineered Products, call us or contact us online.

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