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Our brand new product line: flood protection for private households - light, affordable, easy to mount!

IBS is a world market leader in mobile flood protection systems. For decades, we have been gaining experience in the development and production of such systems, equipping cities with demountable flood walls up to six metres in height.

Based on that knowledge, our latest product was released to the market in the Spring of 2017: our Super Light SL25 flood protection system. We took our tried and trusted stackable demountable stoplog system and downsized it, in order to make it more suitable for private households and commercial buildings whenever a flood event strikes. Read on for more info

Protectable cross section: 2.0 metres width, 1.0 metre flood height
Very lightweight due to aluminium components
Easy to install and deploy
Ground seal compensates ground unevenness
Patented system
Quick delivery

The patented SL25 flood barrier consists of fixed end posts and aluminium dam beams. This material guarantees a lightweight barrier so that anybody can mount the SL25 barrier, because in a case of emergency every minute counts.

The end posts are only 50mm wide, and the dam beams only 25mm thick. Due to our design capability and despite the slim design, the SL25 system will withstand a water level of 1 metre across a width of 2 metres without additional central supports. These features make it ideal for the flood protection of private houses and commercial units, where it can be used to protect openings such as doors, windows or staircase entries.

Thanks to its sophisticated sealing technique, the SL25 flood barrier does not require a recess or groove underneath it. This means that it can easily be used to upgrade existing property.

With some technical comprehension, the initial installation of the end posts can be carried out by the customers themselves. Alternatively, a competent craftsman can take care of it. The end posts are permanently fixed on both sides of the opening to be protected; this guarantees a quick deployment of the stackable dam beams in case of emergency, which is done in a matter of minutes.

As standard, the barrier is delivered in plain, self-colour aluminium. If you would like to have a particular appearance, perhaps to match a door colour, the end posts (as well as the dam beams if required), can be powder coated in any standard RAL colour. A matching aluminium cover to protect and/or hide the seals in the end posts can also be supplied where required.

Download our SL25 brochure here

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