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Temporary Barriers

IBS K-System

The IBS K-System was awarded the prestigious BSI Kite mark PAS 1188-2 in March 2006. It is a temporary flood protection barrier which is completely mobile and that does not require any permanent fixings for installation on tarmac up to a flood height of 1.3m, meaning it can be installed flexibly in different locations according to flooding.
The K-system works with the pressure of the flood water, which applies a downward force on the beams thus ensuring the stability and flood protection properties of the barrier.

IBS K-System
IBS K-System

Advantages of the IBS K-System

Rapid and easy installation – no fiddly bolts to install on dark nights in flood alerts
Lightweight aluminium construction
Minimum manpower required
Location independent solution for flood protection
No disposal of any parts after use
Minimal training of operatives

The Principle of the IBS K-System temporary flood barrier

In principle the K-System consists of only 4 components ensuring that installation is quick and easy; K-trestles (which are supplied in a one piece foldaway design), dam beams (which are located in between the trestles), pressing tools (which compress the dam beams to achieve the seal) and the special ground seal (which is located in the bottom log and creates the seal on the ground).

Like the IBS demountable flood protection system, the K-System is capable of accommodating surface unevenness of up to 15mm, curves in the defence line with radii larger than 20m and height differences of up to 190mm.

Standard wall connections and/or corner solutions can be used or these items can be made specifically to suit a particular application, according to local conditions.

Erection and Dismantling

The erection and dismantling of the K-System requires only a small number of people and minimal time; depending on the flood height required, 4 people can install 100m of flood wall in approximately one hour once the system is on site. As a comparison, to install 100m of sandbags to a height of three feet would take 4 people approximately 70 hours and would require 14,000 sandbags.
Due to its design and low number of parts, the IBS K-System is especially suited to installation in adverse weather conditions including at night and in the rain.

NameFlood HeightNumber of dam beamsDam beam dimensions
IBS-K50-550550 mm350mm x 226mm
IBS-K50-900900 mm550mm x 226mm
IBS-K50-13001300 mm750mm x 226mm

Intermediate flood heights of 190mm, 370mm, 740mm and 1100mm can also be achieved using less dam beams in the standard K-trestles.

We recommend anchoring the front of the K-trestle to the ground to prevent slipping.

We can provide an advanced storage system for our temporary flood protection barrier. This technology allows the contact-free storage of dam beams and support posts. The flood protection system is stored in stackable galvanised mild steel pallets, which have lifting points, tension belts for safe transportation and built-in positions for forklift truck/telehandler forks. Due to the contact-free storage of the individual parts on the steel pallets, beams and posts can be quickly and easily rinsed off with a water hose after use.

K-System 1
IBS K-System
KBS System
IBS K-System

The complete K-System can also be delivered in storage containers in instances where permanent storage space is not available. Depending on the flood height, protective walls with a maximum length of up to 280m can be stored in a standard 12’ container.

IBS K-System 4 Pallets
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