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Flood Barriers for Homes across the UK

Domestic Flood Barriers

It’s important for people everywhere to feel safe in their homes. 

While many homeowners will put in place necessary precautions to keep their property protected from fire and thieves, for those living in coastal areas home flood protection also needs to be considered. 

Each year, flooding devastates local communities across the country with hundreds, if not thousands, of people having to leave their homes. 

While many coastal communities rely on flood protection systems that are installed by local authorities, these can be breached during times of severe flooding and a flood barrier for your home is always a wise investment.    

At IBS Engineered Products, we’ve spent more than 25 years installing quality flood protection systems that are lightweight, affordable and easy to erect at properties across the UK – keeping you protected and providing peace of mind. 


We’ve utilised decades of industry experience and vast knowledge in product development to manufacture world-leading mobile flood protection systems that can keep all residential properties protected. 

In 2017, we released our Super Light SL25 flood protection system that can be equipped in cities and coastal areas across the country. 

The SL25 is:

  • Fully demountable 
  • Up to six metres in height
  • Offers a protectable cross-section of two metres wide with a one metre flood height 
  • Lightweight due to its aluminium components 
  • Easy to install and deploy
  • Available with a ground seal that can compensate for uneven ground
  • A fully patentable system 
  • Always comes with quick delivery 


Flood Barriers for Homes

The flood barrier consists of fixed end posts and aluminium dam beams. The materials we use to manufacture the product ensure a lightweight barrier which can be mounted by anyone in your household. This means that in emergency situations, the product can be quickly erected without having to call in professional help which can cost you time in a situation where every second is precious. 

The end posts we use are only 50mm in width and the dam beams are 25mm thick. This slimline design means that the system is able to withstand a water level of one metre across a width of two metres without requiring any additional support structures. This makes the SL25 perfect when it comes to protecting private residential houses, as well as commercial units as openings such as doors, windows and staircase entries can be easily protected. The end posts are also permanently fixed on both sides to protect the opening. This means that the barrier can be quickly deployed during an emergency. 

Due to the sophisticated sealing technique employed by this product, there does not need to be any existing grooves or recesses below it for the barrier to fit within. This makes it easily installable at any kind of property no matter the specifications or terrain. 

The installation of the barriers can be easily carried out by customers, or a member of our team can do it for you upon delivery.  

While functionality is clearly the primary concern, the SL25 can also be tailored to complement the aesthetics of your property. We have a wide range of RAL colours available and we can powder-coat the barriers to suit your specific taste. Often, people will opt to have their barriers the same colour as their front door or garage door for a uniform and consistent finish. 

Temporary residential flood barriers

As well as our SL25 system, we also supply temporary barriers to customers across the UK. 

Our IBS K-System is one of the most highly regarded on the market, and was awarded the prestigious BSI Kite mark PAS 1188-2 in 2006. This temporary flood barrier is completely mobile, so can be moved at will to affected areas. This also means that no permanent fixtures or fittings are necessary, even if you’re planning for the barriers to be erected on tarmac. It offers protection from flood heights of up to 1.3 metres and can be flexibly installed at a range of locations. 

The K-system works by applying a downward force to flood water, keeping the barriers stable and protecting properties from water that can do detrimental damage to your home. The product only consists of four components, but they play a key role in flood protection. 

These include:

  • K-trestles – these are supplied in a one-piece foldaway design.
  • Dam beams – these are located between the trestles.
  • Pressing tools – these compress dam beams to achieve the seal.
  • A special ground seal – this is located in the bottom log and helps to create a seal on the ground.

Domestic Flood Barriers

Similarly, to our SL25 system, our temporary flood barriers are capable of accommodating surface unevenness of up to 15mm, curves in the defence line of up to 20m and height differences of up to 19m. Plus, standard wall connections or corner solutions can be used to specifically suit certain applications or the conditions you’re working with. 

Our K-system offers a wide range of advantages to the user including:

  • Easy installation – In emergency situations where time is scarce, these barriers can be easily erected and do not require professional support. In particular, there are no fiddly parts to worry about so can be easily and swiftly installed day or night. 
  • Lightweight construction – Due to the lightweight nature of the aluminium used during the manufacturing process, the barriers are not heavy. Therefore, they can be competently erected by anyone and do not require a certain level of strength.
  • Minimum manpower required – Only one person is required to erect the barriers, so even if you live alone you will not have to worry about finding someone to help. 

Contact Us Today!

The team here at IBS Engineered Products has spent a quarter of a century protecting domestic properties across the country. If you live in a coastal area, a location prone to flooding or simply want additional peace of mind that your property is well-protected from the risk of floods, we’re here to help. To find out more about our range of products, to place an order or to simply discuss your requirements with our friendly team of experts, contact us today.           

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