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Generally, penstocks are used for the isolation and control of the flow of liquid in a wide variety of applications, including:

Penstick IBS
Water and wastewater treatment plants
Industrial effluent plants
Flood control
Hydro-electric plants

IBS can manufacture penstocks in a number of grades of stainless steel according to the intended application. Grades of stainless steel that we use range from 1.4301 (304), e.g for inland applications, through to 4.4410 (super duplex) for submerged sea water projects.

There are many options that should be considered when assessing a penstock application.

We will consider all of the following when we assess your penstock enquiry, as each one can influence the design and type of penstock you require for your project:

Kempsey 3m x 2m Penstock
Penstock Installation
Fluid/liquid to be controlled
Mounting; Wall, channel, weir or special
Rising or non-rising spindle
Head of water (in metres)
Manual or actuated
Isolating or modulating duty

IBS can supply penstocks that are suitable for a wide variety of applications including high water heads, special mounting requirements (e.g. sidewall fixing) and curved invert sections to suit sewer locations.

Our penstocks are manufactured in stainless steel BS EN 10088 grades 1.4301 (304) or 1.4401 (316), with the specific material being selected according to client specification and/or the environment in which the penstock will be installed.

Stock Penstocks


We are also able to supply penstocks on quick turnaround from our stocked warehouse in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. These penstocks have the following specification:

SS304 construction
EPDM seals
Wall mounted
Non-rising spindle
Cap top or handwheel operated
Telescopic extension spindles
Spindle guide brackets
Floor or wall mounted pedestals

Additional Information

In 2016, the company ‘’ became a member of the IBS Group and immediately expanded the IBS sales network, experience and range of products. The addition of to the Group has significantly increased global sales of IBS penstocks and we continue to improve our products for the benefit of our customers.

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