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IBS Flood Protection Systems

Due to the increasing number of extreme flood events worldwide

more and more cities and communities are finding solutions to protect themselves against flooding. In many cases permanent structures such as concrete flood walls, dams and dykes alongside rivers will adversely affect the local life and atmosphere during flood free times, therefore many cities and communities are installing mobile flood protection systems, like our SL25 Flood Barrier, along their riverbanks and waterways.

Flood Protection
Demountable Flood Protection Barrier / Davenport (Iowa USA) / Mississippi

IBS provide a comprehensive service in the field of flood control equipment and offer our customers the following product range for their flood protection requirements:

Temporary Flood Barrier / Regensburg / Danube
Floodgate / Cumbria

In addition to a wide range of demountable flood barriers and temporary flood defences IBS offer a permanent glass wall flood protection system, which is an ideal compromise for areas where traditional permanent floodwalls are not desired and demountable flood barriers or temporary flood barriers cannot be installed due to logistical circumstances.

Glass Flood Defence / Cumbria
Glass Flood Defence / Worcestershire
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