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Flood Defence Products for Buildings

With flooding occurring more frequently than ever in the UK

Home and business owners are increasingly looking to protect their properties using simple flood protection methods.

Flood Protection for Garages
Windows are protected from flood with demountable barriers

IBS provide a number of easy to use flood defence solutions which are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial properties and include

The IBS demountable flood barrier
Hinged flood flaps
Removable flood plates

Demountable flood barriers can be used for windows, doors, garages, driveways, roller doors and in many more locations to protect from the threat of being inundated with flood water.

The system is easy to use with minimal component parts and with only one standard everyday tool (8mm allen key) being required, can be installed quickly and safely by the user ensuring flood protection is achieved in minimal time.

Advantages of the IBS Demountable Flood Barrier

Aluminium posts and lightweight aluminium beams – will not rot or rust
No ground frame required due to seal design – ensures initial installation is quick and easy
Quick, simple and safe installation with single tool
Long product lifespan due to high quality of materials
Partial installation of beams allowing build up of flood defence level
Single spans of 6m can be achieved
Unlimited length of flood barrier with use of lightweight aluminium centre posts
Flood Defence Products for Buildings
Flood Protection for driveways

Hinged flood flaps are ideal for installation over windows where flooding is a concern. They are permanently mounted to the wall and can be closed within seconds to create a watertight flood defence. IBS flood flaps consist of a wall mountable frame and a lockable hinged flap, with the seal being created by a high quality gasket mounted on the flap side.

IBS Flood Protection Hatches and Plates

Ideal for installation over window openings where flooding is a concern. Manufactured in lightweight aluminium, they are completely removable for storage elsewhere. IBS flood plates are –

Ideal for installation over window openings where flooding is a concern
Available in standard sizes up to 1000mm x 1000mm (larger sizes upon request)
Suitable for a flood height of up to 2000mm (larger flood heights upon request)
Watertight when fitted
IBS removable flood plates
IBS removable flood plates
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