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Double Anniversary For IBS!

Double Anniversary for IBS!

30th November 2018

Ok, so I’m a little early with this, but it is rather exciting – 2019 is a double anniversary for IBS. Firstly, 2019 marks 10 years of business in the UK for IBS Engineered Products Ltd and secondly, it also marks the big quarter century for our German parent company.

Whilst in the grand scheme of corporate longevity, neither 10 nor 25 years are going to make the front page of the national dailies, for us they mark something extremely significant. Engineered flood defences systems such as ours are a relatively new concept and as such, when our parent organisation IBS was established, the idea was as risky as the flooding its products were designed to protect against.

Founded in 1994, with the sole purpose of manufacturing spill-containment barriers, IBS has gone on to develop its technology for use in temporary, semi-permanent and permanent flood defences. It has been and continues to be, a success, with IBS flood control systems now being used to prevent entire districts and towns from being flooded. Of course, we all know that global flood risk is increasing, and it is sadly all too common to read about some area or another, and its people, having succumbed to flooding as a result of climate change or neglect of existing flood protection measures.

IBS continues to deliver tried and tested flood defence technologies, as well as introduce innovative solutions, which are now being used up and down the country commercially and domestically, as well as on larger public projects, supported by agencies and/or local authorities. The success of our products continues to grow, and we look forward to celebrating more milestones as we continue to provide the flood protection so many of our homes and environments need.

So, whilst we celebrate 10 and 25 years of trading from the UK and Germany, respectively, we have you to thank for your support and confidence in our products – Thank You!

Ray Moulds

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