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A False Deadline For Flood Protection

A false deadline for flood protection

12th October 2018

We’re now well into that time of year where we get enquiries and orders with the request that all work is completed by Christmas. It goes without saying that we’re very happy to work with all our clients (and potential clients), big or small, that put these time restraints on us, to try and oblige wherever possible and, to be honest, we mostly achieve a satisfactory outcome for everyone involved; I can’t honestly say that we meet l00% of all requests, this is just not possible, we don’t have endless resources. But, we absolutely give it our best shot for everyone.

My point here though, is that Christmas is a false deadline.

Flooding does not just occur at Christmas. It is an all year round possibility. Records show it: 1998 (April), 2000 (September to November), 2005 (June), 2007 (May to July), 2012 (April to July), plus many more. Of course, lots of big flood events do occur during the winter months, but many occur throughout the year too.

If protecting your property from flooding is in your budget for the next financial year, take action sooner rather than later; set your programme to get work done during the summer months when the weather is typically better (notwithstanding extreme weather events!), rather than waiting until late in the year when construction work is less efficient.

Rain is not precious about when or where it falls, so be ready, check your flood risk, and take action.

Thanks for reading.
Ray Moulds

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