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Price Vs Quality And Experience

Price vs Quality and Experience

28th September 2018

Sometimes, just sometimes, you get the type of phone call that helps to make your efforts worthwhile. Well, it happened today and whilst I wouldn’t normally talk about it, on this occasion I feel it’s worth sharing:

We priced some work a while ago, more than a couple of years to be honest with you, and then we re-priced it earlier this year. The ‘call’ was to tell me that the end user had actually engaged with someone else to also price the work (and that is absolutely ok by the way, that is client prerogative) and that they were lower priced, but in the end, the client would prefer to work with IBS because of the quality of our product and our previous experience. If only more clients had this outlook. Too many times clients buy on price alone.

Contrast this with another exchange from this week where we scored very highly in a recent tender questionnaire, but this first round score carries no weight in to the second round pricing. Which means, a company that scored lowest in the first round, presumably because they don’t have the same experience, quality systems, health & safety systems, technical ability, etc (i.e. surely the bits that matter!), can submit a low price and be awarded the contract. How is that in the interest of the client/end user?

Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox now, it’s Friday afternoon and I’ve a flood event to load up for, taking place in York tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

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Thanks for reading.
Ray Moulds

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