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AMP Or Amplifiers….??!

AMP or amplifiers….??!

Firstly, I must point out that this is not an article about guitars (or associated equipment), so if you’re here to find out about a revolutionary new amplification device to improve the sound of your Fender Stratocaster, then: sorry. If, on the other hand, you are interested in the water industry and want details about what AMP7 is, then: GREAT – this is the article for you!

AMP stands for Asset Management Plan and AMP7 follows (believe it or not) AMP6.

An AMP period is a 5-year plan where the water authorities set out the important projects and investments (based on the outcome of the review of the previous period). This work is delivered by partners who make up the water authorities’ frameworks and who manage the works – with the wider supply chain brought in to assist as required.

Each AMP period has a particular focus, and AMP7 will look at environmental improvements throughout the water treatment cycle, from source to tap and back again.

Current AMP projects range from refurbishment of small rural wastewater treatment works, through to major capital schemes involving design and build of big, brand new, ‘state-of-the-art’ water treatment works.

Who is involved?

There are currently 25 water suppliers covering England, Wales and Scotland – eleven of these companies provide both water and wastewater services, whilst the other 14 offer water services only.

Each supplier has agreements for engaging contractors to complete various works in the current AMP period, principle contractors such as MMB (Mott Macdonald Bentley JV), C2V+ (CH2M Volker Stevin JV), Advance+ (MWH Treatment Murphy JV), NMCN, and many more.

These principle contractors are supported by contractors, sub-contractors, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, engineers, logistics etc. Literally thousands of companies work in and around AMP projects, all helping to ensure that the water supplies and wastewater services remain in tip top condition.

And this is where IBS come in…

As a designer, manufacturer, supplier and installer of flow control and flood defence products, IBS Engineered Products is ideally placed to support the AMP7 projects. Working with the water suppliers or the extended supply chains, we offer advice and early engagement services – ensuring that when the finished product gets to site it is fit for purpose, safe, and economic to operate.

So not a sound AMP – but still, music to our ears…


By Dave Birnie

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