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Forewarned Is Forearmed!

Forewarned is forearmed!

This popular summary of Miguel de Cervantes’ famous quote “Forewarned; forearmed; to be prepared is half the victory” is SO true in our business and yet sadly, it can often take time for the message to get though – and then for people to call us, so we can help.

As I’ve said in my previous blogs, flooding is a growing concern across the globe, as climate change continues to affect our local water levels. As I’ve also said, in order to be effective, flood protection needs to be a multi-disciplinary team effort from the start.

Unfortunately for the fabulous Glendridding Hotel there wasn’t much time for them to get prepared and take advice after their first experience: they were flooded a horrific FOUR times in less than a month – to the extent that they were then obliged to close, for over a year.

However, flood defences are now firmly in place at the hotel, including a plan that:

  • was developed with advice from several expert sources
  • has been shared with the whole team
  • includes unique protection essentials masquerading as design features, such as magnificent – and water-resistant – tiles, as flooring.

And of course, IBS flood barriers….

Regional government, local councils, national agencies and individual residents are all looking at options and considering their futures with reference to flood protection-planning. Areas where there have been problems previously are starting to think ahead now: forewarned, as we said. Mostly, we find it’s commercial business where the warnings have turned in to armaments, so to speak! It’s extremely satisfying to work with organisations who have (sadly) been hit by floods before, and then taken the logical decision to prevent similar issues again in future. In this case, even though they were forewarned and hit in very quick succession, the Glendridding Hotel now really is forearmed. And IBS is extremely proud to have been involved.

For more information view pages 44-45 on the Property Flood Resilience eMagazine.

To learn more about the Flood Control and Flood Defences range on offer by IBS, simply contact us today.

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