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IBS Awarded Flood Alleviation Solution For Athlone, Ireland

IBS Awarded Flood Alleviation Solution for Athlone, Ireland

IBS Engineered Products Ltd (IBS), one of the UK’s leading sub-contractors specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of flow control and flood protection equipment, has been awarded the contract to supply and install 30 aluminium lift hinge flood gates as part of the Athlone Flood Alleviation Scheme, which has been designed to address flooding risks in the town.

The contract, which has been awarded by the Office of Public Works (OPW), working in partnership with Westmeath County Council, forms part of a wider flood alleviation scheme, commissioned to address past acute fluvial flooding from the Shannon and its tributary, the River Al, which flows through the east of the town.

As part of the overall flood alleviation scheme, IBS will install 30 aluminium lift hinge floodgates of varying sizes ranging from 1.2m wide x 0.8m high up to 7.5m wide x 1.2m high. The single and double leaf floodgates are part of the Company’s wide range of flood protection solutions and can be used for smaller pedestrian openings or larger widths where vehicular access is required.

Speaking about the project, Ray Moulds, Managing Director of IBS Engineered Products, said: “This is quite a substantial flood alleviation scheme, comprising eight discrete flood defence cells. The hinged gates being supplied and installed by IBS will help mitigate flood risk at key sections and help reduce the overall future flood risk that had been identified for the area.”

IBS is due to start works quarter 1 2019, with works scheduled for completion 2020.

For information about IBS Engineered Products’ range of floodgates or other flood protection solutions, contact us online or call us on 01302 630015.

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