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Ho, Ho, Ho…w Misleading…!

Ho, ho, ho…w misleading…!

The ‘Ch’ word – already? We’ve only just had Halloween!

“Buy now and get it for Christmas.”              

“Special Offer for Christmas 2019.”      

“Last chance to buy before Christmas.”

OR – the other side of the coin:

“If we order now, can we have this before Christmas?”                 

“When do we need to book for this, if we want it done this year”?

Not only is the Christmas marketing machine relentless, it’s also worryingly misleading in many cases – and certainly in our case. It’s a false deadline: Flooding does not just occur at Christmas.

Some of the biggest floods in recent years have been around so-called unexpected times of the year: 1998 (April), 2005 (June), 2007 (May to July), 2012 (April to July), plus many more.

Financial years vary of course, and finance plays a part in any corporate decision-making, so we’re not advocating spending when no budget is available. In fact, that’s the point: ideally, you invest in essentials – like flood defences – when you have both the need and the finance available. NOT because it’s coming up to Christmas.

Rushing to set plans and investment in motion to achieve an artificial deadline can’t be considered good business sense in any circumstances. If you know that you need protection from potential flooding issues, then it’s a real concern to be addressed properly when – and as soon as – you can.

NOT investing immediately is a business risk. Making preparations as soon as logistically possible is an appropriate business decision. Rain is not precious about when or where it falls, so be ready: check your flood risk, plan accordingly and take the best action….

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