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There’s Bad News AND Good News…

There’s bad news AND good news…

Because our industry deals with nature and humanity, so much of what we do comes on the back of very real events, worries and concerns, so it’s great to have some good news to even up the scales.

First the bad news, of course: the risks and issues we are all dealing with and planning for will – unfortunately – never just go away, and so we continue to adapt to the additional challenges that climate change will bring.

The good news is that the authorities – or most of them anyway – around the world are now listening, planning and supporting more actively than ever before, both strategically and practically.

The UK government has recently announced the release of another £62 million for 13 specific flood defence projects in communities across Yorkshire, Cumbria, the North East and the South East of England. Emma Howard Boyd, Chair of the Environment Agency, said: “We will work closely with these communities to design and build projects which not only reduce flood risk, but which also benefit wildlife and the local economy for decades to come.”

Even more good news: this additional investment comes on top of the existing commitment of £2.6 billion (over 6 years to 2021), to protect 300,000 homes across the country.

As leaders in our field, IBS welcome this news as a sign that our authorities recognise the vital work to be done, and the investment required to do it.

In uncertain times and with many of us becoming disillusioned with British politicians (let’s not use the ‘B’ word!), it is extremely reassuring to see that some government departments are quietly and consistently getting on with their roles. In this case, the important job of thinking ahead, planning and providing vital investment to protect against flooding and coastal erosion and support to maintain our communities, wildlife and local economies where it’s most needed.

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