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Water Water Everywhere But Few Flood Defence Companies Sustain

Water Water Everywhere but Few Flood Defence Companies Sustain

It is without exaggeration that almost every time a storm hits the UK, the Met Office issues a flood warning and the broadcast media follows this up with a news person knee deep on some high street, surveying the damage.

This is all good footage and it does underline the real, present and growing risk of flooding almost all areas of the UK face, but whilst I could talk and debate at length the causes, that’s not really the point of this blog. The question I’m asking is… with so many flooding incidents, why are there so few flood defence companies out there and more worryingly why are so many disappearing either by self-closure or through administration?

The web is full of quite literally hundreds of pages and documents offering advice on planning, prevention and resilience adaptation to flooding at domestic, commercial and wider community levels – so surely there’s enough work to go around and sustain a healthy population of businesses in the sector?

But the truth is, flood protection is not simply an issue that can be tapped into easily; it requires experience, expertise and the technical know-how to design solutions to risk that go well beyond the ability to supply a product. When choosing a flood defence company to work with, choose one that has the history, pedigree, references and testimonials to prove they are more than just a supplier of product, but a company that can be trusted, will sustain and moreover is looking to partner with you on your journey to managing flood risk.

Of course, product is very important too, but the Environment Agency, having a statutory duty to develop, maintain, apply and monitor a national flood and coastal erosion risk management strategy, along with its public consultation due for publication shortly (creating a nation resilient to flooding and coastal change to the year 2100), will require the input and support of more than just a few good flood defence companies: Companies that are here today – and here tomorrow.

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