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It Never Rains, It Pours!

And how true is that saying at the moment, what with the news showing almost wall-to-wall coverage of severe bad weather causing wide-spread flooding. As I write this blog, weather warnings have been issued, sinkholes have recently appeared on the…

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There’s an IBS in Teamwork!

It’s striking just how many people approach flood protection or flow control as a ‘fix’, or worse as a product-based entity that you simply ‘plug-in’ to a problem. The thing is, flood protection systems, and the various options available, are…

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18 years on……..

1st November 2018 As I write - exactly 18 years on from the widespread and devastating floods of the year 2000 – I can easily recall just how appalling being flooded was. The stench, the sludge, the mess and not…

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